Betcha Can’t Read Just One

girlbookJust like many of you, this blog is going on summer vacation. I’ll be back in the middle of August with more lessons. In the meantime, enjoy some summer reading with these books.

Just like eating potato chips, when you find a good book series, “you can’t read just one.”
Below are several series that will inspire kids and families go outside and discover the wonders of nature—you’ll have a great time and learn something fascinating too!
Extend your nature experience with activities from Dawn Publications.

A Field Trip Between Covers
Look at just one element in nature and you’ll discover a whole community of creatures living in, on, around, or under it. These books combine humor, a fun rhyme, good science, and brilliant illustrations.

Around One Log
Under One Rock
Around One Cactus
In One Tidepool
Near One Cattail
On One Flower

The BLUES Go Birding
—Want to inspire youngsters to appreciate birds? The BLUES books are the ticket. As one major reviewer said, it’s “a lighthearted romp with solid information on birds and bird watching that could inspire future ornithologists.”

The BLUES Go Birding Across America
The BLUES Go Birding At Wild America’s Shores

The “Over” Series
—Adapted from the traditional song “Over in the Meadow,” this series features animals from a wide variety of habitats. Kids will be clapping, counting, and singing!

Over in the Arctic
Over in Australia
Over in the Forest
Over in the Jungle
Over in a River
Over on a Mountain
Over in the Ocean

Noisy Sing-along
—This series is a wonderful bridge to a whole noisy, busy world of insects, frogs, and birds. Kids can sing-along with the book and then listen online to the actual sounds.

Noisy Bug Sing-along

Noisy Frog Sing-along
Noisy Bird Sing-along

Jo MacDonald
—Young Jo is Old MacDonald’s granddaughter. Children will love joining her to discover three new habitats E-I-E-I-O!
Jo MacDonald Had a Garden
Jo MacDonald Hiked in the Woods
Jo MacDonald Saw a Pond

Earth Heroes
—The books in this series are especially for upper elementary and middle school kids. They’re biographies that feature the youth, careers and lasting contributions of some of the world’s greatest naturalists and environmentalists.

Champions of the Wilderness
Champions of the Ocean
Champions of Wild Animals

UNIV1_COVER2The Universe Tells Its Own Story—This series tells the amazing story of the universe and our Earth’s creation with scientific accuracy but without diminishing the mystery and wonder.
Born With a Bang
From Lava to Life
Mammals Who Morph

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