Reassuring Kids During Scary Times

The recent news has been full of tragedies—severe storms, terrorist attacks, war and refugees. Although young children may not understand what’s happening, they pick up on the serious tone in the voices of reporters and the frightening images they see on TV.

video-image-aboutNoted child-development expert Fred Rodgers says, “It’s easy to allow ourselves to get drawn into watching televised news of a crisis for hours and hours; however, exposing ourselves to so many tragedies can make us feel hopeless, insecure, and even depressed. We help our children and ourselves if we’re able to limit our own television viewing. Our children need us to spend time with them – away from the frightening images on the screen.”

Reading aloud, especially at bedtime is a wonderful way to reassure children, not only through your close physical presence, but also through a book’s positive message. I’d like to recommend two reassuring bedtime books:

Amy’s Light—Written in the rhythm of the holiday classic T’was the Night Before Christmas, this is a perfect book for this time of year. Amy is afraid of dark shadows in her bedroom, but notices a slight glow in the back yard. With exuberance she catches fireflies in a jar, only to find their lights go dim until they are free again. As she frees her fireflies, she also releases her fear of the dark. The photo-illustrations of the author’s daughter are lifelike yet dreamy. The story opens the door for you to talk with your children about their insecurities, fears, and challenges.

INSID_COVER2Inside All—This is a comforting bedtime book that will reassure little ones that they belong, and are part of something bigger. The story is a simple nesting-doll-like journey. With a few well-chosen words and rich suggestive illustrations, the reader is taken from the outer edges of the universe to a planet, a village, a home, a room, into the heart of a warm, sleepy child, and finally to an awareness of love that somehow encompasses it all. We each have our place inside the All, and the All has its place inside each of us.

Get more tips for reassuring children during scary times from Fred Rodgers.

Home for the Holidays

This week, in lieu of a lesson plan, I’m providing links to craft projects that can be done at home. Doing crafts with children provides a fun and meaningful way to spend time with your child. Of course these projects can also be done in the classroom. They’re from Enchanted Learning:

snowman22Have a wonderful holiday.
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