Children learn about the world they live in through their five senses, and the garden is rich in sensory experiences. In Molly’s Organic Farm, children experience a year on the farm through the eyes, ears, and paws of a stray cat—Molly!
A gate creaks open (hearing), Molly looks (seeing), Molly sniffs compost (smelling), the sun is hot (feeling), and Molly eats treats (tasting).

In this activity students listen for sensory words in the story and match them with one of the five senses.

All of the sensory words in the story are compiled in a Sensory Word List in a pdf from Dawn Publications.

A list of additional resources and suggestions for more nature connections are also listed.

Grade Level Suggestion: K-2

Materials: the book Molly’s Organic Farm


  1. Review the five senses.
  2. Read aloud Molly’s Organic Farm pointing out the examples of Molly using her five senses on page 30. Show the class the related pages in the story, especially the small boxes that highlight Molly’s nose, tongue, paws, and eyes.
  3. Using the Sensory Word List, read a word and have students do a corresponding motion:
  • Seeing—point to eyes
  • Hearing—point to ears
  • Smelling—point to nose
  • Tasting—stick out tongue

       4. You may then reread the entire story having children listen for and act out the sensory words.

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