Welcome to the Farm

FARM_COVERThere’s a lot happening on the farm!

Pigs roll, goats nibble, horses gallop, hens peck, and turkeys strut! Cows moo, turkeys gobble, pigs oink, and goats go maa-aa.

Each and every reading of Over on the Farm will have children counting, clapping, and singing along to the classic tune of “Over in the Meadow.” They’ll also learn the names of baby animals – like KIDS, the name for baby goats! And a rooster makes an appearance on every page. Better keep an eye on him.

Over on the Farm is the latest in Marianne Berkes’ wonderful collection of interactive books for children. The lively illustrations of farm animals will bring smiles to the faces of children and adults alike, and the rhythm, rhyme, counting, and movement opportunities lovingly crafted into Marianne’s prose ensure that young readers will be both engaged and delighted.— Rae Pica, author, What If Everybody Understood Child Development

Find a potpourri of valuable information about farm animals and suggestions for child-friendly activities in the back of the book and online. See below for a standards-based math lesson plan.


LESSON PLAN: Adding Up the Animals

In the book Over on the Farm, children are introduced to ten baby animals that live on a farm. Each of the babies is associated with a number, 1 to 10.
Get complete directions for an addition lesson using “Counting Cards” based on the animals in the book. (grades preK-3)

  • Next Generation Science (DCI K-3) Life Science: LS1 From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes
  • Common Core (Math K-2) Content: K.OA.A.4; 1.OA.D.7; 2.OA.B.2
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